Massive telescope collapse caught on remote camera and drone in Puerto Rico

Arecibo collapse

The National Science Foundation has released new footage of the collapse of the Arecibo telescope platform, which collapsed Dec. 1 after sustaining irreparable damage earlier in 2020.


32 salmonella cases in 6 provinces tied to pet hedgehogs

JAPAN-CAFE/HEDGEHOG-face_April 5,2016

Four people have been hospitalized and 28 others made ill from outbreaks of salmonella infections in six provinces caused by exposure to pet hedgehogs, the Public Health Agency of Canada says.


First Nation appeals to province to help cover $6.3M shortfall on $100M geothermal project

Clark Lake Geothermal Site

Fort Nelson First Nation Chief Sharleen Gale says if the money is not secured by March 31, 2021, $40 million of funds from the federal government will disappear. 


Ontario’s carbon emissions went up during Doug Ford’s first year as premier

Ont Taverner Ford 20190320

Ontario’s annual greenhouse gas emissions rose for the first time in nearly a decade, during the first year the Ford government was in power. It’s a sign that the province’s climate change targets are in jeopardy, according to a new report. 


Lab-grown meat approved for sale for 1st time


Singapore has given U.S. startup Eat Just the green light to sell its lab-grown chicken meat, in what the firm on Wednesday said is the world’s first regulatory approval for so-called clean meat that does not come from slaughtered animals.


Ship strikes ‘significant’ cause of death for southern resident killer whales, UBC study finds


Necropsies of over 50 killer whales over the last decade show that more mammals are dying as a direct result of human behaviours in the Pacific Ocean than previously thought. 


Chinese spacecraft has fresh moon rock samples to return to Earth

China Moon Probe

China said Thursday its latest lunar probe has finished taking samples of the moon’s surface and sealed them within the spacecraft for return to Earth, the first time such a mission has been attempted by any country in more than 40 years.


China successfully lands spacecraft on moon, prepares to collect lunar rocks

China Moon Mission

China successfully landed a spacecraft on the moon’s surface on Tuesday in a historic mission to retrieve lunar surface samples, Chinese state media reported.


Canada recommits to protecting oceans, sustainable marine management

High surf at Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia

Canada has signed on to an international declaration to protect 30 per cent of ocean waters by 2030, rebuild fish stocks, reduce plastic and create a sustainability plan.


Delhi grapples with COVID-19 surge, worsening air pollution

Delhi grapples with COVID-19 surge, worsening air pollution

As COVID-19 cases rise, Delhi grapples with getting its residents to follow health guidelines and with concerns that worsening air pollution contributes to the pandemic.