Things to do over the weekend

Being stuck at home is not always a bad idea. Sometimes it helps to self- reflect and connect with the loved ones. Something, most of us have been unable to do, because of the mere chaos that we call daily life.

Just to add some added spice to our lives while we are reconnecting, here we provide you with some suggestive ideas that can also help to keep your mind off the presiding tension over the recent crisis.

Stream a movie

Many movie studios that were planning on releasing films for a mass screening are searching for alternatives such as streaming devices. You can purchase these live streams through services like iTunes etc. So, no more missing out on new movies…it’s time to catch up on the latest with the family by your side. You may stock up on popcorn though.


Want to know why everyone at office has been rambling about Baby Yoda and how cute he is. Watch the series and find out. Now you have the time to actually complete watching the entire series instead of going through it halfway like all the other times in your life.

Phone a friend, read a book, write a poem

Yes, do all the things that you have been meaning to do for the last few years but could not. This is definitely the appropriate time, especially catching up on old friends over the phone.

Write a journal

Psychologists always suggest writing a journal as basic management to self-reflection and calming of the mind. You may actually be very tensed about the current pandemic and the harrowing situation. Write about it and watch the magic unfold. Your tensions would reduce significantly.

Listen to podcasts

Find your favourite topic and listen to a podcast on it.


See what you have in your pantry and whip up a new meal. Maybe something that you have been meaning to experiment on for a while. This time try taking your family members as sous chef or helping hands.

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