Garnished — with panache and taste

Ever since the pandemic altered our lives, we have seen an outgrowth of creative synergies all around us enabling better lifelines of help and eking out a standard of life in a time of deep uncertainty. In the new normal, everything is going digital and with that, we have the new concept of cloud kitchens.…

Winter skin care with Vaseline

However, while we enjoy our time cosying up during this chilly period, our skin seems to increase its need for attention and care. Needless to mention, taking utmost care of our skin from late autumn through winter crucial than during the rest of the year. To aid us with the process of skin care optimally,…

The healthy-skin life

Green tea Green tea might be an acquired taste, but it can work wonders for the skin. Other than keeping it hydrated, the antioxidants in green tea help protect skin from ultraviolet rays and also rejuvenate dying skin cells. By protecting and repairing cells, the antioxidants combat signs of ageing and make can make skin…

Ace the sporty lifestyle with Lotto

When we think of sporty shoes we automatically think about Lotto – this is an impact the brand has created in the world of sports since its inception. The youth-focused international brand has made its mark all over Bangladesh by meticulously catering to the various needs of athletes and the youth.     Lotto depicts the perfect…

Aarong Dairy all the time

In March 2020, when the COVID-19 lockdown kept everyone indoors, the e-commerce platform was launched to ensure the availability of dairy products through safer measures. Keeping daily nutrition and the needs of the people in mind, the platform was created to give customers a smoother experience of shopping with Aarong Dairy. Other than the timeless…