Group challenges ruling requiring doctors to give referrals for services that clash with beliefs

Ontario doctors challenging a court ruling that found physicians must give referrals for medical services that clash with their moral or religious beliefs say there is no proof that removing that requirement would hamper patients seeking treatment.A group of five doctors and three professional organizations is appealing a divisional court decision that upheld a policy…

Mother of 3-year-old killed by flu shares story, advocates for vaccine

When Caylee Donovan took her three-year-old daughter Gracie to the hospital, worried her fever had lasted for five days, she was sent home."They just said keep her hydrated, keep trying to feed her and wait for the fever to break," she said. "Basically they just ignored us."Weeks later, Gracie died.It's been 10 years since Donovan…

Debate brews over ruling that sends Kitchener, Ont. nurse back to work after stealing drugs

A Kitchener, Ont., nurse who was fired after she admitted she stole and used opioids from the long-term care facility where she worked and falsified patient records will get her job back.The move comes after the woman's case went to an arbitrator between her union, the Ontario Nurses' Association, and the Region of Waterloo.Arbitrator Larry…

Family blames understaffing at care home for elderly woman's broken hip

Margaret Holwell had just returned to Cartwright when she found out her mother had fallen at her long-term care home in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. "They said they went in and found her on the floor," Margaret Holwell said.Violet Holwell, 84, had to be medevaced to St. John's after an X-ray showed her hip was broken. I'm not blaming…

Yellow carbon monoxide monitors 'worth their weight in gold' to B.C. paramedics

They're about the size of a deck of cards, usually mustard yellow against a B.C. paramedic's deep blue uniform. They vibrate and ring when they sense dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide in the air.Crucially, the wearable monitors detect the colourless, odourless gas when the paramedics carrying them do not."They're really worth their weight in gold,"…