Eggs of critically endangered turtle hatches in Sundarbans

Thirty-three eggs of critically endangered Northern River Terrapin (Batagur Baska) have hatched inside the Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Centre located within the world's largest mangrove forest—Sundarbans. On March 10, a Batagur Baska laid 35 eggs and after a long incubation period, 33 of them hatched today, reports our Bagerhat correspondent. The Northern River Terrapin is considered…

Experts say insects over Teknaf farm are a kind of grasshopper, not locust

Experts have finally put an end to fears of a possible locust attack over a deserted farm in Cox's Bazar's Teknaf upazila and concluded that the insects seen last month are in fact "spotted grasshoppers". A 10-member team comprising of plant protection experts, entomologists and agricultural scientists revealed their findings today after visiting the spot.…

COVID-19 to cause record emissions fall in 2020

COVID-19 is expected to cause global energy emissions to fall a record eight percent this year due to an unprecedented drop in demand for coal, oil and gas, the International Energy Agency said yesterday. The IEA's Global Energy Review was based on an analysis of electricity demand over more than 100 days, during which much…

‘Save our village forest’

Residents of remote Kalu Mro Para in Bandarban's Lama upazila have called upon the authorities concerned to protect the forest in their village from being destroyed by alleged criminals. Village Common Forest (VCF) is a natural forest [other than the government reserve forest], usually around the households of ethnic minority communities and is managed to…

HC forms committee to protect biodiversity in Halda river

The High Court today formed a committee, headed by the deputy commissioner of Chattogram, in order to protect biodiversity of the Halda river in the district. The lawmakers elected from the areas near the banks of Halda river will act as advisers to the committee, the High Court said in the order. The High Court…