With miniature mannequins, Dior unveils post-lockdown collection

Entertainment·PhotosFrench couture house Christian Dior upended its traditional catwalk show on Monday, presenting its intricate designs on miniature mannequins in a twist brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.'It's a different experience. But I think it's a beautiful experience,' says designerThomson Reuters · Posted: Jul 07, 2020 12:00 PM ET | Last Updated: July 7Maria Grazia…

Halle Berry apologizes after she considered playing a transgender man in upcoming film

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Kissing lipstick goodbye: Are face masks wiping away the simple joy of cosmetics?

"Lipstick is the best cosmetic there is," Joan Collins once observed, shrewdly. Alas, not so much anymore – not now, when face masks are covering the lower half of our faces.It could mean the end of lipstick as we know it. For millennia, lip cosmetics have been one of the ways for women and men to…

Mary Trump's family tell-all book publication date moved up to July 14, two weeks early

The publisher of a book on President Donald Trump and his family announced Monday they are moving up the publication date to July 14 due to "high demand and extraordinary interest" in the tell-all tome by Mary Trump.The president's niece, embroiled in a legal battle over the book with her uncles, including the president's brother…