Dewy damsel

Sometimes the major trick behind a perfect look is not piles of makeup, but a capable knowledge in general aesthetics, a good skin-care routine, and a steadfast understanding of the art of ‘flawless blending.’ This week, Star Lifestyle takes you through the basics once more.

Olive toned and lovely

Asian skin is olive toned but is often prejudiced against— made to feel inadequate unless fair. However, the transition towards nude makeup could not have been possible without the acceptance of the natural skin tone of the Asian complexion. Where previously makeup was cakey (read pancake) and made one’s skin look unnaturally white and patchy, the nude makeup scene has models looking dewy and flawless. The complexion is unapologetically dusky and the foundation has completely blended with the natural skin tone, giving the ladies an out-of-this-world confidence.

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