“Celebrating Nature” — a virtual group art exhibition at Galleri Kaya

Beginning Friday, 26 June 2020 renowned art gallery, Galleri Kaya, at Uttara has started their first virtual art exhibition. Known in the local art world as one of the leading galleries for organising solos and group exhibitions, Kaya’s newest initiative comes in the wake of worldwide pandemic.  

How does one see art in the time of Covid-19? While it remains as aesthetically pleasing as ever, one can safely say that the art market is going through a crunch.

In the local art scene, the market has witnessed a surge of innovative ideas. There have been virtual auctions, possibly the first of their kind, to generate funds for Covid-19 relief. There have been webinars, and Facebook Live sessions between artists and connoisseurs discussing how art can bring respite to our lives in this crisis period. Yet, one thing is clearly missing — the financial aspect of the trade, where artworks are offered and buyers are seen actively walking through the aisles of a gallery, carefully perusing the catalogue and the prices. This is where Galleri Kaya comes in. In what is their first attempt, they have tried to organise a virtual art experience — an art sale if you may.

“Celebrating Nature” is an offering of over 100 artworks, done by 19 modern and contemporary artists of Bangladesh, mainly in watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink, charcoal, pastels, pencil, and mixed media. The current health crisis has been a stark reminder as to how far we have moved away from nature, and the exhibition is a living testament to how artists view nature.

Not all of the artworks are recently finished; some are as old as 1969, which also serves as a point of reference as to how the perception of the natural world around us has changed amongst ourselves. 

The catalogue for the exhibition/sale can be found on their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/GalleriKaya, and prices are available on request. For more information, call #+88 01754755246, +88 01752-684900, +88 02 58956902 or send an email to rajengain@gmail.com or gallkaya@gmail.com

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