New ROM exhibit digitally unravels inner remains of Egyptian mummies


An exhibit opens this weekend at the ROM that will give you a whole new picture of the inner lives of Egyptian mummies. Researchers used high-tech imaging techniques to make startling new discoveries.


The boom in household waste and what our garbage tells us about the COVID economy

Disposable face masks in the garbage in Halifax

Some of Canada’s biggest cities are seeing a surge in household waste, and it’s thanks to a combination of COVID-related trends such as more online shopping, disposable goods and home renovations.


Why birds migrate through cities — and how you can help them succeed


In this week’s issue of our environment newsletter, we look at ways to help birds migrate through Canadian cities, Arctic sea ice loss and how wildfires far away can have a physical and mental effect on us.


Paleontologist posts Twitter tribute to RuPaul as the dinosaurs of Drumheller

RuPaul and dinosaurs

A paleontologist in Montana has “uncovered” a connection between the painted dinosaurs of Drumheller and the fabulous outfits worn by drag queen RuPaul.


COVID-19 swish, gargle and spit test coming for school aged children in B.C.

mouth rinse test covid-19

British Columbia is introducing a new mouth rinse test for students from kindergarten to Grade 12 to help make it easier for children and teenagers to check whether they have COVID-19.


Why TikTok is at a crossroad and where it could go

TikTok app

TikTok users might not notice any change, but a shakeup is in the works for the company behind the wildly popular video sharing app. Caught in a political tug-of-war between Washington and Beijing, the platform is facing a Sept. 20 deadline imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump to cut ties with China.


Backup driver charged in fatal autonomous Uber vehicle crash


A backup driver has been charged with negligent homicide following a 2018 crash that killed a 49-year-old woman in a Phoenix suburb. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board found the driver failed to monitor the road and was watching television at the time of the crash.


NASA may prioritize Venus missions after recent discovery of possible life


NASA is considering approving by next April up to two planetary science missions from four proposals under review, including one to Venus that scientists involved in the project said could help determine whether or not that planet harbours life.


The climate crisis is still a massive threat — even in the middle of a pandemic

BC Air Advisory 20200908

Questions are being asked now about how quickly or enthusiastically the Liberals should turn their focus back from the pandemic to the threat of runaway climate change. It doesn’t have to be a binary choice.


Canada not yet ready to deploy rapid COVID testing devices, says health minister

CDA Coronavirus 20200320

Health Minister Patty Hajdu said today that Health Canada is not yet satisfied with any of the options it has been reviewing for rapid COVID-19 testing devices — and they will not be deployed across the country until regulators are satisfied they work to a certain standard.