Adaptability: An optimist’s approach to surviving the pandemic

We have heard their stories quite a few times already, and maybe it’s essential to hear a few more, to be able to comprehend the grim reality that is existent today because of COVID-19. The circumstances have been unkind, especially to the artisan community of our country. They have had to put up with pangs of hunger, grieving dependants and the constant fear of outbreak and disease, all the while witnessing lost jobs, diminished savings and a bleak anticipation to future earnings. Skilled as they may be, there seems to be no end to the troubles of the artisan community and the once-thriving boutique industry of Bangladesh.

And yet, there are few, who deny submitting to the wills of the pandemic, even when pushed to the brinks of perplexity. Those who keep on fighting, since it’s the only way to survival!

And this is one such story…

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